Logo Redesign for the Esperanto Association of Britain

The Esperanto Association of Britain is a charity aimed at promoting the Esperanto language in the United Kingdom and required a replacement for their ageing identity. This concept is based on flag semaphore, which encapsulates not only language and communicating across barriers but also Britain's proud maritime history. A marine-based logo also seemed appropriate in relation to the death of William Thomas Stead (one of the EAB's founders) aboard the RMS Titanic. There are naturally some parallels with the formation of the CND logo, which matches the idealism and desire for peace that Esperanto was born from. The fluid lines are intended to deepen the connection with water and suggest globe while avoiding the cliché of using an actual depiction of earth.

Ava developed an idea that took my breath away, not only because of how it looked but also because of the cleverness behind it.

Tim Owen (Director at Esperanto Asocio de Britio)